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Based in the heart of Brooklyn-East New York, Ms. Spudz-Everything Potato: “No” Gravy was established in 2012, selling at local farmers markets and festivals in local areas as a French fry company. I dreamed for a long time of getting a French fry cart like a hot dog cart, starting small. I didn’t think it was possible that anyone would buy from me. Who would buy “just fries?” I talked myself out of my big idea until I saw others actually living my dream and decided to step out on faith and do what I knew would be a business I could love and respect, just as would my customers. Ms. Spudz-Everything Potato: “No” Gravy is an all potato based food outlet that specializes in fresh cut, cool water bathed double friend fries, potato chips, seafood nachos, seafood fries, French fries & ice cream and more. Each component is accompanied with a variety of gourmet dipping sauces from mild, to sweet and spicy. 

Grandma’s Original, a sauce that started the line of 15+ sauces and introduced by my grandmother as a little girl, was used when we fed the homeless and less fortunate, is currently our best seller. It makes me feel like grandmother is looking down on me with her approval and that reaffirms starting Ms. Spudz-EPNG was the right thing to do. Not to mention I love to cook, serve my customers and most of all present a beautiful plate. Something again, my grandmother would say “presentation is everything.” My customer’s smiles and continued business confirms I’m on the right path.  

Ms. Spudz fries and chips are cut and sliced fresh from a whole spud then soaked in a cold water bath which removes some of the starch then double fried for a crispy fluffy fried finish. Our fries are so meaty you won’t need to add another component except our delicious gourmet sauce. 

Grandma’s Original, ironically one of our best sellers! Thanks Grandma~ 🖤

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